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Telemedicine Technology

Telemedicine technology has improved considerably over the past few years, to the point where it can provide a life-like experience for both patients and physicians. This is most beneficial in the field of mental health, where open and honest communication is the cornerstone of the doctor-patient relationship.

Iris Telehealth works with your clinic to integrate our providers into your clinic by utilizing top-notch telemedicine technology. We aim to deliver the best quality care possible to the people we help serve. The technology we use is simply a means to that end. Our goal is for the technology to fade into the background while providing an effective and reliable environment for patients and providers to develop the type of caring relationship that makes up the essence of the healing arts.

We have provided quality mental health care via telepsychiatry for years now and are experts in the best hardware and software for health systems of all sizes.

Reliability. Quality. Speed.

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Our solutions encompass enterprise-grade telemedicine equipment and other state-of-the-art tools that aim to create a safe, high-quality clinical experience. Our systems boast a 99.9% uptime rate, and we are fully compliant with HIPAA, HITECH and other security regulations.

By using non-proprietary equipment, we can achieve an excellent combination of value, quality, and interoperability that cannot be beat. We use top-of-the-line cameras and mics paired with large, high-definition displays to capture the most realistic video teleconferencing experience possible. This is all driven by an ultra-compact, powerful computer. Meeting face-to-face with one of our clinicians is as simple as pressing the power button and giving a few clicks to the mouse.

Intuitive. Efficient. Secure.

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We choose software that is effective and simple to use. Since we use Windows as our operating system, people are familiar with the mouse and keyboard interface and are typically able to use our technology without any training. By using teleconferencing that runs on open-standards technology and is visually based, we can connect with practically any system and get real-time information on who is online and ready. Additionally, we use highly efficient video codecs to ensure a top-fidelity audio and video feed even on suboptimal internet connections.

Patient-driven technology

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We always start by thinking of the patient. Every piece of technology that we incorporate aims to improve patient care as the end goal. That means delivering an experience that is comfortable, secure and reliable. Our technology was designed from the ground up to be easy to use and able to be implemented in a variety of settings to minimize downtime and eliminate the need for specialized training.

Drawing inspiration from optics and human perception research, we consistently set up a telemedicine environment that is optimized to your organization’s purpose and workspace. Sound too good to be true? Request a demo, so you can decide for yourself!

Behind the Tech

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Our investment in the best telemedicine technology and equipment would be meaningless if it didn’t work to support a successful team of mental health professionals working around-the-clock to do more for your patients. Our team includes board-certified psychiatrists in a wide range of mental health specialties, including child and adolescent, addiction and geriatric psychiatry. With a large pool of experts to draw from, we can match the right clinician to your patient.

All of our team members adhere to a set of core values that includes building productive clinical relationships, reaching the underserved, striving to be the best and seeking out innovative solutions. In a sense, these values are embodied by our drive to implement more intuitive and reliable telemedicine equipment. Effective systems bring out the best in our clinicians, which leads to improved patient outcomes and greater overall satisfaction.

Let Iris Telehealth help your organization implement a telemedicine program that’s right for you. Contact our office today!