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At Iris Telehealth, we strive to be our best and are constantly finding ways to improve. We believe this work ethic translates into giving you the highest quality telehealth services you have ever experienced. We recognize the critical importance of building a trusting clinician-patient relationship and we foster an environment where these bonds can flourish. We value customer service and deliver our care reliably and consistently. We are adaptable to your needs and enjoy working side-by-side with our partners.



Given with a smile.

We deliver quality customer service to both our partners and the clients that we help serve.
That means easy access to the people you need and rapid responses
to the questions and requests that arise during clinical care.



Cultivating bonds.

At the heart and soul of every healing encounter is the clinician-patient relationship.
We build meaningful rapport with our clients based on mutual respect.
When we work together, it’s amazing the things we can achieve!

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Mutually beneficial relationships.

We recognize the symbiotic nature of medicine and want to develop a good working relationship with your patients, your staff, and your administration. When we are aligned with your organization’s goals,
everyone is more likely to succeed. A real win-win situation!



Count on us. Everytime.

We pride ourselves on being consistently on time and online. Our clinicians and support staff have training in telemedicine technology and our infrastructure is built to be as reliable as possible.
It’s really nice when things just work!

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A custom solution for you.

Every organization’s needs are different and we have the knowledge and experience to build a cost-effective telehealth package that is designed specifically for you. From medical records to scheduling,
we are happy to accommodate your requests to deliver the care you want at the time you need it!