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At Iris Telehealth, we want our mission statement to be more than just words on a placard. Our values are important because they guide our behavior, and in turn, our behaviors add up to make us who we are. Having a philosophy that you truly believe in provides guidance and serves as a compass to steer the proverbial ship. Our values also provide a benchmark that we can use to measure the success of our business on every level – from our company’s global impact to a single action by one individual.

It all starts with caring. We care about our staff, our partners, and most importantly, our patients. From this comes our desire to serve with compassion and provide access to care for those most in need. We believe that doing our best and being innovative are the qualities that allow us to deliver that care most effectively. These are the values that we strive to live by.



Building relationships

We believe it is relationships that matter most in life – and medicine is no different.
We also feel that caring doesn’t stop when you leave the office. That is why we are dedicated to always giving a portion of our earnings back to the communities we serve.



Reaching the underserved

We are keenly aware of the crisis in mental health care that exists
because of the shortage of specialty providers in rural areas.
That is why we focus our efforts on being able to deliver top-quality care to those areas that need it most.

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Striving to be our best

The future is always brighter when you approach it with passion and a desire to improve yourself and your community. This is why we encourage a culture of continued learning, empowerment and outreach within Iris. We hope that energy is contagious to those around us!

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Finding better solutions

Iris was built by eclectic minds and a willingness to try new ideas. Along the way, we have noticed that the best innovation comes from a healthy understanding of our past combined with a curious gaze towards the future. This is the type of thinking that we wish to nurture.