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Achieving the triple aim

Improve patient outcomes. Increase access to care. Lower costs.

Over the past few years, telemedicine has proven to be a major innovation in how we think about and deliver mental health services. Patients love it because it saves them time and allows them to access top-quality care from their neighborhood hospital or clinic. Health care organizations embrace it because it increases their psychiatric services and capacity, opens up new revenue streams, and can improve patient outcomes. Read on to learn more about the specific benefits of telemedicine as a platform for psychiatric services.

Cost Savings

Both doctors and patients can benefit from telemedicine’s lower cost of delivery. With it, clinics don’t need to invest in additional office space or new equipment in order to provide mental health care services. On-call services and overflow coverage can be provided at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality of care. Because of the lower up-front and overhead costs involved, organizations can realize an immediate return on investment.

For patients, telemedicine is covered by insurance at the same rate as in-person visits in most areas. This means your patients’ care will be reimbursed while saving them the time and expense required to travel long distances to see a specialty physician in person.


Another advantage of telemedicine is that it reduces the amount of travel time required to access specialized services. This is particularly useful in rural areas, where a trip to a mental health specialist can involve lengthy drives, taking time off work and other expenses. By improving accessibility, telemedicine can help ensure patients get the treatment they need to live a healthier, happier life.

Iris Telehealth works with clinics and hospitals of all sizes to offer professional psychiatric services and treatment via telemedicine. To learn more about the specific benefits telemedicine can offer you, contact us today by phone or email.