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The Peach State is a great place to find history, baseball and telepsychiatry! Telepsychiatry is an effective practice that can provide quality mental health care to underserved and rural areas throughout the state. Consequently, this can have a positive impact on the state’s mental health.

Hospitals, health clinics, and other sites throughout Georgia utilize telehealth to provide psychiatric services. The rules and regulations concerning telemedicine throughout Georgia are generally permissive. The Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center (STRC) is the regional group that helps support telemedicine services in Georgia. Iris is a proud member of the STRC. We’ve enjoyed partnering with them to help provide telepsychiatry care throughout the state.

Based on our research, Iris gives Georgia an A rating for being an awesome state in providing telepsych service. Keep it up, Georgia!


Georgia TelemedicineNearly 350,000 Georgian adults live with serious mental illnesses and 11,000 children in Georgia live with serious mental health conditions. Statistics show that often, 50 percent of people who have mental health needs don’t get the services they need. Suicide can be the result of untreated or undertreated mental illness, and in Georgia, nearly 1,000 people died by suicide in 2006. Only 21 percent of adults living with serious mental illnesses in Georgia receive proper treatment from Georgia’s public mental health system.

In many rural areas in Georgia, there is a severe shortage of child and adolescent psychiatrists. There are only 185 child and adolescent psychiatrists in the state. Per every 100,000 children, there are only 7 psychiatrists. The high need for psychiatrists is clear – and that’s where we come in.


Understanding rules and regulations regarding telehealth practices in Georgia is key to establishing a strong program. Just like in other states, a provider must be licensed by the state of Georgia medical board to offer services to a patient located in the state. Having a thorough knowledge of other rules that are specific and unique to Georgia in terms of mental health.

The standard of care for telehealth care is the same as in-person care when it comes to medical records documentation and confidentiality. If you have any questions about telehealth rules and regulations in Georgia, please contact us.


When equipped with knowledge of how telepsychiatry works in Georgia, it’s relatively simple to establish a telehealth program in the state. There are no specific regulations regarding technology used in telehealth care in Georgia. As long as you remember to meet the expectations for the standards of care and have one in-person appointment each year, implementation is not a difficult process. If you have any questions about implementing Georgia telepsychiatry services, feel free to contact us.


Medicaid reimbursement for telehealth services in Georgia paves a road to providing a myriad of services statewide. It’s one of the few states that has a parity law, meaning private payers are required to reimburse telemedicine services in the same way as in-person services.

Providing care through video conferencing is allowed to be covered. The following services are covered through Medicaid:

  • Office visits
  • Pharmacologic management
  • Limited office psychiatric services
  • Limited radiological services
  • Other physician fee scheduled services

Services that aren’t covered include telephone conversations, e-mail messages, fax, webcam or internet based technologies that are not HIPAA-compliant. Store and forward transactions are also not covered.

Telehealth in Georgia


Iris Telehealth believes that Georgia is a great state to work, love, and play! We are currently providing services throughout Georgia, including outpatient services for multiple CSB’s across the state. In addition, we are providing specialty services in multiple settings including substance abuse clinics. Some of our bestest buddies are in Georgia and we are always trying to find opportunities to get back to Georgia to hang out. Iris looks forward to continuing to grow our relationships with our current partners in Georgia as well as making some new friends along the way!