Sustainable care that is fiscally sound

We can help you care for both your patients and your bottom line!

Providing additional mental health services to your community does not have to come with a financial loss. We have success in delivering quality services that provide value to your patient’s mental health AND to your organization’s bottom line. With minimal or no up-front implementation cost and the expertise to help you efficiently bill telemedicine services, we are able to help your organization generate additional revenue, which is often greatly in excess of the cost of our services. Of even greater value is the long-term savings associated with providing mental health care when and where it is needed. This leads to improved patient outcomes and less frequent need for intensive services and hospitalizations in the outpatient setting and decreased ER psychiatric bed holds, increased revenue generation, and more appropriate use of resources in the inpatient settings. To let us to give you more specifics about how Iris Telehealth can be of value to you, give us a call and tell us more about your organization!

Increase billable services.


By offering specialized mental health services, you are able to increase the breadth of care that your facility can offer. For hospitals, this can allow for an increase in appropriate admissions and utilization of hospital beds. For mental health centers, primary care offices, or other specialized facilities, it can allow for additional billable services to be rendered. Our clinicians are trained in appropriately billing the correct level of care delivered in a service and capturing their treatment effectively in their documentation. Telemedicine also offers specialized billing codes, which help generate additional revenue to cover the cost of service. It is great news that doing the right thing for your patients can also be fiscally rewarding for your organization!

Minimize costly expenditures.


The burden of untreated mental illness is felt everywhere – and this likely includes your facility’s budget. In community mental health centers, untreated mental illness is associated with much higher utilization of costly and restrictive interventions such as intensive services, residential treatment, and inpatient hospitalization. In emergency rooms, the high rate of psychiatric bed holds is both a patient care and fiscal crisis that frequently makes the front-page news. In hospitals, lack of access to psychiatric services leads to costly transfers and unutilized hospital beds. Our clinicians have been part of a large statewide government sponsored study and the preliminary data shows significant cost savings and better health outcomes for rural communities implementing telehealth services.

We want to work with you!


Iris telehealth was founded with the goal of providing the highest quality service to underserved areas and the belief that this can be done in a cost-effective manner. We are structured from the ground up to run lean, making us more agile and efficient than standard medical practices. By managing overhead and costs, we are able to deliver quality service at quite competitive pricing. We value our relationships and believe that customer service shouldn’t have to come at a premium. Let us partner with you to help to care for your patients and see for yourself what sets Iris a step above.