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The Magnolia State is a wonderful place to listen to blues music and practice telepsychiatry! Telepsych services are transforming healthcare by allowing rural and underserved areas of Mississippi to have access to quality mental healthcare. In turn, this can have a huge impact on the overall mental health of the state.

Telepsychiatry is widely accepted and used in hospitals, health clinics, and other places throughout Mississippi. The rules and regulations concerning Mississippi telemedicine are generally accommodating. The Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center (SETRC) is the regional group that helps support and develop telemedicine services in Mississippi. Iris is a proud member of the SETRC and they have been a great asset in bringing telehealth to Mississippi.

Based on our research, Iris gives Mississippi an A rating for being an awesome state in providing telepsych services. Nice job, Mississippi!


According to a study done by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in 2014, nearly 109,000 adults in Mississippi had a serious mental illness that year. However, only 38 percent of them received care. Mental healthcare access in Mississippi is a serious issue, and there is a severe shortage of psychiatrists to meet the demands for care.

About 26,000 adolescents between the ages of 12-17 had at least one major depressive episode within the year, and only 34 percent of them received appropriate care. There are a total of 40 child and adolescent psychiatrists (CAPS) in Mississippi. That means there are only 5 CAPS for every 100,000 children. The shortage is clear, and that’s where we come in.


According to the state of Mississippi, “Telemedicine is the practice of medicine using electronic communication, information technology or other means between a physician in one location and a patient in another location with or without an intervening health care provider. This definition does not include the practice of medicine through postal or courier services.”

Mississippi requires that a physician patient relationship must be established for telemedicine services to be provided. This requires the following:

  • Verify that the person requesting the medical treatment is in fact who they claim to be
  • Conduct an appropriate examination of the patient that meets the applicable standard of care
  • Establish a diagnosis through the use of accepted medical practices, i.e., a patient history, mental status exam, physical exam and appropriate diagnostic and laboratory testing
  • Discuss with the patient the diagnosis, risks and benefits of various treatment options to obtain informed consent
  • Ensure the availability of appropriate follow-up care
  • Maintain a complete medical record available to patient and other treating healthcare providers
  • Patient consent must also be obtained before care is provided via telemedicine.


Implementing a telepsychiatry program in Mississippi is relatively easy to do with basic knowledge of how it works. By giving informed consent, any patient is eligible to receive healthcare via telemedicine. A physician must be licensed in the state of Mississippi to practice telemedicine. There are no technology requirements outside of abiding by HIPAA regulations. There are many telepsychiatry programs in Mississippi that serve as great models for anyone interested in starting their own program.


Mississippi Medicaid and private payers are required to provide coverage for live video consultations. Medicaid provides reimbursement for mental health medication evaluation and management.

Medicaid reimbursement for telemedicine in Mississippi is available for the typical services offered in a mental health setting. These include:

  • Office of a physician or practitioner
  • Outpatient Hospital (including a Critical Access Hospital)
  • Rural Health Clinic
  • Federally Qualified Health Center
  • Community Mental Health/Private Mental Health Centers
  • Therapeutic Group Homes
  • Indian Health Service Clinic
  • School-based Clinic

Telephone, email, and fax services are not covered. If you have any other questions about reimbursement for telemedicine in Mississippi, feel free to contact us.


mississippi telepsych iris logoIris Telehealth believes that Mississippi is a wonderful state to live and love! We are currently providing services throughout Mississippi, including outpatient services for multiple county mental health clinics. Iris looks forward to continuing to grow our relationships with our current partners in Mississippi as well as making some new friends along the way!

If you want access to mental health care services to become more available for your community in Mississippi, we’d like to hear your voice.