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The Sooner State is a fabulous place to explore the outdoors, channel your inner cowboy, and utilize telepsychiatry! Telepsychiatry is an innovative practice that brings quality mental health services to rural and underserved areas of Oklahoma. This significantly improves the overall mental health of the state.

Telepsychiatry is widely utilized in hospitals, health clinics, and other places throughout Oklahoma. The rules and regulations concerning Oklahoma telemedicine are fairly accommodating. The Heartland Telehealth Resource Center (HTRC) is the regional group that helps support and develop telemedicine services in Oklahoma. Iris is a proud member of the HTRC, and they have been a valuable partner in bringing telepsychiatry to that area of the United States.

Based on our research, Iris gives Oklahoma an A rating for being an awesome state in providing telepsych services. Nice job, Oklahoma!


Oklahoma is second in the nation for mental illness, with 22.4 percent of the population suffering from a mental health disorder, according to a study done by the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma. It is also second in the nation for substance abuse. Six out of ten adults did not receive needed treatment for substance abuse last year.

Here’s a chilling statistic – there’s only one psychiatrist for every 14,615 people. This ranks Oklahoma as 45th in the nation for access to care. This is where telepsychiatry can help.


Implementing a telepsychiatry program in Oklahoma is relatively easy to do with basic knowledge of how it works. By giving informed consent, any patient is eligible to receive healthcare via telemedicine. Physicians treating patients in Oklahoma through telemedicine services must be fully licensed in the state of Oklahoma. There are many successful telepsychiatry programs in Oklahoma that can serve as great models for other health systems planning to implement telemedicine services.


According to Oklahoma regulations, “Telemedicine means the practice of healthcare delivery, diagnosis, consultation, treatment… Telemedicine is not a consultation provided by telephone, facsimile machine nor does it include administrative applications such as billing contracted services, security systems, etc.”

Telemedicine physicians must establish a relationship with their patient, but are not subject to the face-to-face requirement. Patients in Oklahoma are allowed to receive telemedicine services outside of Oklahoma when medically necessary. However, out-of-state providers must comply with all laws and regulations of the provider’s location, including healthcare and telemedicine requirements.


The coverage of telemedicine services are required by Oklahoma statute. This includes live video, by health service plans, disability insurer programs, workers’ compensation programs, and state managed Medicaid managed program contracts. Private payers also have the same requirements.

TSoonerCare (Oklahoma’s Medicaid program) reimburses for live video when the GT modifier is billed. Furthermore, proper documentation to include services rendered, location and services provided via telemedicine must also be maintained.

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We believe Oklahoma is a great place to live and practice telepsychiatry! We are looking forward to creating partnerships in Oklahoma. We are happy to provide a range of services wherever they are needed, including outpatient, inpatient, and specialty services. If you want to see better behavioral health services provided in Oklahoma, we want to hear your voice.