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Iris Telehealth: Where WE come to YOU

By bringing our services close to home – we can help decrease your travel time and cost.

The patient always comes first. It’s a phrase that’s easy to say but a lot more difficult to live by. At Iris Telehealth, we try our best to stay true to those words. We believe that the best care comes from a relationship of mutual respect between a compassionate clinician and an empowered patient. We focus on the individual as a whole and want to get to know who you are and what has shaped your character over time. We want to be familiar with the world you live in and try to see it through your eyes. In this way, we do more than just “diagnose and treat” – we are able to form real relationships and work with you in making life-long improvements. We don’t just focus on “disease”, we aim to promote health and wellness.

Our clinicians work with individuals via telemedicine. It is most people’s first instinct (and it was ours too!) to feel that you can’t form as meaningful a relationship using technology as you could meeting with someone in-person. After years of personal experience providing care using telemedicine, we have found that our assumptions were not correct. This has also been the feedback that our clients have given us. In areas where specialty services are unavailable or in low supply, telemedicine provides an excellent alternative to bring care to people who really need it and might otherwise go without.

We are constantly humbled by the resilience and courage that we are shown by the individuals and families we work with. You inspire us to give back to the communities you are part of and we want to be your ally in helping to get your voice heard. We value your opinion and use that information to help us improve ourselves as clinicians and as an organization. At Iris, we believe that when people work together – there’s no limit to the goals we can accomplish.

What is Telemedicine?

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