Harness your inner strength

An empowered individual is an unstoppable force.

Empowered individuals drive the world forward. Being empowered means having the knowledge, strength, and confidence to set goals and then working hard to accomplish them. It gives you the ability to take control of your own life and have a part in creating the future as you want it to be. It also gives you the power to help others by giving back, being supportive, and advocating for the positive changes that you want to see in the world of mental health.

Too long has there been misunderstanding and stigma placed on mental illness. YOU can make a difference. NOW is the time for change.

Knowledge is power.


The more you know about your brain, your mind, and your body – the better able you are to care for yourself and make joint decisions with a healthcare professional during your journey into wellness. Here are a list of resources that we have found helpful and informative:

Your voice matters.


Who better to speak up about mental illness and suffering than those that have personal experience with it? We believe that change in public perception and political attitude can be influenced the most by empowered individuals who are willing to advocate for and educate others regarding mental health and illness. Here is a list of resources, individuals, and organizations who can be your allies in getting the word out: