telepsychiatry services

Telepsychiatry Services

In smaller facilities outside of major urban centers, providing adequate care for a diverse group of clients is a persistent challenge. With Iris Telehealth, clinics have the option of offering their patients world-class mental health services without a major investment in new staff or new facilities. We connect hospitals and community care centers with trained mental health professionals via private videoconference — a practice known as telepsychiatry.

Telepsychiatry allows your patients to access appropriate care without having to travel. This accessibility leads to improved patient outcomes and a decreased burden on your existing physicians, while also generating significant financial benefits.

Why Iris Telehealth?

You want to bring quality mental health services to your patients, and Iris Telehealth makes it easy and cost-effective. We’re the leading provider of telepsychiatry services in Virginia, with a long history of leveraging innovative technology and compassionate clinicians to provide custom solutions for community mental health centers and hospitals. Our telepsych services can help you:

  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Make better use of your existing staff and resources
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Improve physician morale
  • Realize significant cost savings
  • Decrease no-show rates
  • Improve CPT code capture
  • And more

Telepsychiatry is an emerging field, but it’s one that has already had a demonstrable effect on the way we think about mental health service delivery. Over 90% of Iris Telehealth patients would recommend our services to a friend. Patients appreciate having expert services available close to home, and doctors feel more comfortable knowing proper care is available. To find out more about Iris Telehealth, or the benefits of telepsychiatry in general, contact our office by phone or email.


Our Services

We believe that Iris Telehealth can bring additional value to your organization by efficiently giving you and your clients access to high quality telepsychiatry services exactly when and where you need them. Our goal is to custom-build telehealth solutions to help meet the behavioral health needs of the individuals and families being served – whether in your community, hospital, or specialty facility.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding what works best for your organization. We have the expertise to quickly assess your particular needs and rapidly develop a telehealth package that is custom-tailored to your patients, your medical records, your facility’s infrastructure, AND your budget. We are keenly aware of the difficulties in implementing a new system of care, and our team’s excellent support and training allow for a smooth and easy deployment.

community services
We want to help people where they’re most comfortable – close to home and in a familiar setting. Iris Telehealth has experience providing outpatient telepsychiatry services in a variety of settings including community mental health centers and primary care offices.
Iris Telehealth can work with you to develop a telemedicine program at your organization to help increase the breadth of services you can offer the individuals in your community. Learn more>>
By bringing mental health services into your clinic, we can help turn your primary care office into a patient-centered medical home. Learn more>>
Allow us to help care for your clients in their stressful times of need. Together, we can decrease the need for ER visits and inpatient hospitalizations! Learn more>>
hospital services
Whether in the emergency room or on an inpatient unit, our clinicians can typically respond to a consult request in under an hour which allows for the timely assessment, treatment, and disposition of each patient. This improves care and decreases costs associated with psychiatric holds in the ER and unnecessary hospital transfers.
By implementing telepsychiatry services in hospital emergency rooms, Iris Telehealth can help you ensure incoming patients receive proper upfront evaluations. This early action reduces the number of emergency holds, and helps develop treatment plans to improve patient outcomes and decrease length of stay. Learn more>>
By making appropriate psychiatric consultation available in hospitals, telepsychiatry can improve the overall quality and effectiveness of the care you offer your patients. Learn more>>
Outside of their primary roles as caregivers, our staff can mediate disputes and provide expert insights about specific psychiatric problems. Learn more>>
specialty services
We are able to provide critical services in settings such as nursing homes, schools, correctional facilities, and substance abuse treatment centers. We know that logistical issues make frequent long-distance trips to the closest available clinician inconvenient, costly, and potentially dangerous. By developing a telemedicine solution for you, Iris can provide on-site mental health evaluations where and when they are needed. This allows quality care to be delivered under your roof and on your own schedule.
Whether your residents are in independent living or a skilled nursing facility, their quality of life can be greatly improved by having access to timely psychiatric assessment and treatment. With many areas not having easy access to a local psychiatrist, on-site care via telemedicine can be a wonderful supplement to the services you provide your residents. Learn more>>
It is quite disruptive to a child’s education to frequently leave school to attend regular therapy sessions and mental health evaluations. Having a clinician that is familiar with a child readily available in the school setting can often stop disruptive behaviors from escalating and can provide a good resource for your teachers on how to appropriately manage your more trying students. Learn more>>
Criminal offenders frequently have mental illness that they struggle with. By helping to treat these issues, we are able to improve the wellness of your facility’s inmates. We are able to accommodate strict formularies and have expertise in treating individuals in the forensic setting. Learn more>>

Our Technology

A commitment to innovation and technology is one of the core values that drive our work at Iris Telehealth. We help clinics implement reliable, easy-to-use telepsychiatry services at a price point that works for their budget. In many cases, your existing infrastructure can be leveraged or upgraded to meet the modest technical demands of our service. We ensure the session is consistently broadcasted with the highest audio and video quality available. To simplify billing and record keeping, we also integrate with your EHR and billing platforms.
Our customized software and hardware solutions boast a 99.9% uptime rate. We’re also fully compliant with HIPAA, HITECH and all other privacy regulations, so you never have to worry about doctor-patient confidentiality being jeopardized.

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Our Team

Innovative technology is only a small part of the value Iris Telehealth brings to any facility in need of telepsychiatry services. The core value of Iris Telehealth is in our people — we work exclusively with compassionate mental health professionals who are fully trained in current best practices for diagnosing and managing all psychiatric conditions. In therapy, our clinicians emphasize the importance of overall wellness and of developing a plan for health that helps clients cope with difficult times.

The Iris Telehealth team includes dedicated professionals with board certification in many key areas of practice, including child and adolescent, addiction and geriatric psychiatry. Our clinicians are compassionate, knowledgeable and available around-the-clock to serve patients. As a result, we boast a client satisfaction rate of 98%.

Take Patient Care to the Next Level With Iris Telehealth

At Iris Telehealth, we believe that happy people make for a happy business. Everyone benefits when there is a strong ongoing relationship between clinicians, staff, and patients. This is why it is a top priority for us to have meaningful continuity of care between your team, our team, and the clients we serve together. This means we will do our very best to ensure that you work with the same clinicians and staff, every time.

We have the passion and innovation to successfully bring telepsychiatry services wherever they are needed most. Our goal is to help you provide the best mental healthcare possible for the clients you serve!

Community Services

Let our psychiatrists join your organization’s mental health team.

Hospital Services

Iris can help your hospital give care where it is needed most.

Specialty Services

We can help improve your client’s mental health in settings such as nursing homes, schools, or correctional facilities.