Telepsychiatry for Mental Health Centers

With years of experience, we feel at home serving in community mental health centers. Iris Telehealth can work with you to develop a telemedicine program at your organization to help increase the breadth of services you can offer the individuals in your community. This can help decrease wait times for clients and relieve your overly booked staff. With low upfront costs and flexible scheduling, Iris Telehealth can provide you with the exact amount of care your organization needs. We are able to efficiently document, code, and bill the services we provide to offer the best value and ROI for your organization.

  • Increase mental health services to your community
  • Provide timely assessment and diagnosis
  • Focus on continuity of care
  • Great value and ROI

We can provide routinely scheduled blocks of time with a clinician that will regularly work with a consistent caseload of patients to help manage their mental health needs. We also offer specialty services including crisis intervention, child and adolescent care, and substance abuse expertise. By providing these services, we are often able to decrease the need for in-home services, emergency room visits, and inpatient hospitalizations. This allows the individual to be treated in the least restrictive environment and minimizes the significant costs associated with these more intensive treatments. For more information on how we can serve you – contact us!