Telepsychiatry for Primary Care Office

Iris Telehealth is a firm believer in putting the patient first. By providing psychiatric services in the same office as patients receive their medical care, we are able to minimize long waits and maximize compliance in psychiatric assessment and treatment. Additionally, we can improve medical care and reduce long-term costs by helping to treat the social and emotional issues associated with chronic illness. Let Iris’s clinicians help you care for the “difficult patient”. In our experience, a “difficult patient” is typically a combination of a time-crunched doctor and a stressed or worried patient. We can help with both of these! We are proud to provide coordinated and comprehensive care in a setting convenient for patients and clinicians. To see if Iris is can help you meet your organization’s mental health needs – reach out to us!

  • Improve medical care and compliance
  • Achieve better long-term health outcomes and decrease utilization for your chronically ill patients
  • Address the social and emotional aspects of physical illness
  • Become a patient-centered medical home