Emergency Room Telepsychiatry Services

We are aware of the growing crisis of psychiatric bed holds in the ER. With appropriate mental health assessment, these patients can promptly receive a psychiatric treatment plan and disposition. With proper up-front consultation, we are able to reduce the number of emergency holds by providing crisis services and appropriate follow-up. Regardless of disposition, psychiatric treatment is shown to decrease the length of stay (LOS) of psychiatric patients in the ER and helps them get the care they need quicker.

  • Improve care
  • Provide mental health access and appropriate follow-up
  • Minimize psychiatric bedholds
  • Decrease length of stay

While the patients are in your ER, psychiatric consultation provides the first step in treatment and we can continue to round on these patients while they are in the emergency room. Although we understand this is not the ideal situation, it does allow treatment to commence in the ER as opposed to simply “holding” the patient. We strongly believe that telepsychiatry is a mission-critical tool in helping to alleviate the use of ER’s as holding facilities for patients in crisis. Please contact us to see if we can help improve the care of these individuals in your emergency room!

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