Telepsychiatry Inpatient Services

Medical and psychiatric illness are often intertwined. To provide the best medical care, it is often useful to have an individual’s behavioral health needs addressed while in the hospital. This allows for more comprehensive treatment and the establishment of proper follow-up care after discharge. It also allows your hospital to appropriately care for more complex psychosomatic patient presentations – such as delirium, overdoses, dementia, and substance abuse/detoxification.

  • Improve care and medical outcomes
  • Increase access to psychiatric specialty consultation
  • Increase appropriate admissions and decrease the need for hospital transfer
  • Establish appropriate mental health follow-up after discharge

We find that having psychiatric consultation available in your hospital can improve the care you can deliver to the community by increasing appropriate admissions – which allows hospital beds to generate you revenue that would otherwise have been empty and allows patients to stay close to home instead of being transferred to a distant hospital. To learn more about the inpatient services that we offer – contact us!