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Locum Tenens Psychiatry

Iris Telehealth’s locum tenens psychiatry services can be used to fill temporary staff shortages while you search for a permanent addition to your team. With our locum tenens psychiatry, you never have to settle for a mediocre solution, or compromise the level of care you offer your clients. We connect you with a team of skilled practitioners who can provide compassionate care and a full range of psychiatric services via video conference. Unlike most locum tenens organizations, we directly employ all of our psychiatrists and maintain a consistently higher level of quality in our clinicians.

locum tenens psychiatry visit
locum tenens psychiatry visit
locum tenens psychiatry visit

The Scope of the Problem

Even in facilities with the funding required to bring on a full-time psychiatrist, staffing challenges present a persistent problem in rural areas. In the past, this has meant clinics have to either hire psychiatrists on a locum tenens basis — which includes the instability and high fees that come along with it — or send patients in need of mental health services elsewhere, often forcing them to travel significant distances. As a result, many patients with significant mental health issues end up receiving inconsistent care or forgoing treatment altogether for conditions that are profoundly affecting their quality of life.

Locum tenens telepsychiatry provides an ideal short- or long-term solution to rural staffing shortages. Iris Telehealth’s services are easy to implement and cost less than bringing in a temporary on-site psychiatrist. We can help you fill one-time staffing gaps, or provide a long-term solution that allows you to expand your practice without a major investment.

How It Works

To receive services, an organization first contracts with Iris Telehealth to provide additional psychiatric staffing. We can quickly provide your organization with telemedicine equipment or integrate seamlessly with any pre-existing system you may currently have.

We then match a psychiatrist to provide care for your organization either during regularly scheduled times or on an as-needed basis.

We provide 24/7 on-call services in this way, and we can often begin services in a matter of weeks to help you meet your staffing demands.

The content of a telepsychiatry session is identical to that of a conventional in-person interview. Doctors work with patients to identify issues, develop a treatment plan and, if necessary, prescribe medication that helps them live a happier and more productive life. The Iris Telehealth team includes board-certified psychiatrists in adult, child and adolescent, geriatric, and other specialty areas of psychiatry. We’ll work with your team to match each patient with the locum tenens psychiatrist that is best qualified to help them.

Why Iris Telehealth?

For any facility struggling to provide adequate mental health care to its patients, a locum tenens psychiatrist is a convenient solution for either the long or short term. Our telemedicine technology is reliable, easy-to-implement, and private. Iris Telehealth’s electronic platform is also HIPAA-compliant and boasts a 99.9% uptime rate. Most importantly, our clinicians are compassionate, hard-working and dedicated to meeting your patient’s needs.

The next time you need a locum tenens psychiatrist, consider the many benefits of working with Iris Telehealth. We are proud to be a leader in telemedicine, offering hospitals and clinics quality services that can be implemented quickly and seamlessly into your existing operations at competitive rates. To learn more about our locum tenens psychiatry services, contact Iris Telehealth today.