Telepsychiatry in Correctional Facilities

Criminal offenders frequently have mental illness that they struggle with. By helping to treat these issues, we are able to improve the wellness of your facility’s inmates. This benefits both the individual and the organization by decreasing the comorbidity and high cost associated with untreated mental illness in this population. We are able to accommodate strict formularies and have expertise in treating individuals in the forensic setting.

  • Improve the mental health of inmates
  • Adherence to strict formularies
  • Decrease the cost and risk associated with untreated mental illness
  • Access to safe and secure on-site crisis and emergency psychiatric consultation

By giving your facility access to psychiatric services on-site, you can avoid the cost, inconvenience, and potential risks of transporting an inmate to the closest treatment center. We can provide urgent consultation in under an hour in the event of a psychiatric emergency, which can often decrease unneeded transfer and evaluation at the nearest emergency room. To learn more about the services we can provide in the forensic setting – please contact us!