Senior Living Community Telepsychiatry Services

With the aging of the baby-boomers and the unfortunate dementing illnesses that the elderly are frequently faced with, we know that mental health providers need to rise to the challenge of giving quality care to our senior citizens. Whether your residents are in independent living or a skilled nursing facility, their quality of life can be greatly improved by having access to timely psychiatric assessment and treatment. With many areas not having easy access to a local psychiatrist, on-site care via telemedicine can be a wonderful supplement to the services you provide your residents.

Telemedicine can help alleviate the difficulties and high cost associated with transporting disabled or demented individuals and can be much more convenient for patients and families, as well as less cumbersome for your staff. Having access to prompt, in-house care frequently translates into happier and healthier residents and lower costs to the nursing home.

  • Improve care and quality of life for your residents
  • Convenient on-site evaluation and treatment
  • Increase access to psychiatric specialty services
  • Decrease risks and cost associated with transport to medical facilities

We can provide routinely scheduled blocks of time with a clinician that will regularly work with you and your residents to help manage their mental health needs. We are also able to provide “on-call” crisis services to help with a resident that is rapidly worsening or is acutely agitated. In our experience, excellent relationships can be formed between senior residents, their families, and clinicians using telemedicine. Please contact us to see if we can help improve the care of individuals in your facility!