Telepsychiatry in Schools

Whereas adults go into the workplace most days – a kid’s job is to work hard to earn an education in school. It is quite disruptive to a child’s education to frequently leave school to attend regular therapy sessions and mental health evaluations. Having a clinician that is familiar with a child readily available in the school setting can often stop disruptive behaviors from escalating and can provide a good resource for your teachers on how to appropriately manage your more trying students.

  • In-school clinical care and communication with teachers and staff
  • Decrease difficult behaviors exhibited by children with special needs
  • Help develop appropriate lesson and behavioral plans
  • Minimize time students spend out of school for clinical visits

We are able to work with your organization to develop a cost-conscious mental health program to benefit your children and teachers. If you’d like to learn more about the services we can offer your school, please contact us!