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We can help mitigate ER bedholds and costly transfers – a big win for both you and the individuals you serve!

For many of the estimated 62 million Americans with insufficient access to primary medical care, a hospital visit may be the first and only healthcare encounter they have when a problem arises. This presents many challenges for staff, including incomplete medical histories, the need to make on-the-spot assessments of undiagnosed conditions and more. These problems are magnified when a patient presents psychiatric symptoms. Even the best-staffed facilities rarely have enough mental health experts on hand to respond appropriately.

That’s where Iris Telehealth’s hospital telepsychiatry services come in. We can use telemedicine to connect your patients and doctors with board-certified psychiatrists. At any time, hospital staff can use the expertise of our team of mental health professionals who can help them intervene more effectively.

Whether in the emergency room or on an inpatient unit, our clinicians can typically respond to a consult request in under an hour which allows for the timely assessment, treatment, and disposition of each patient. Telepsychiatry can improve care and decreases costs associated with psychiatric holds in the ER and unnecessary hospital transfers.

We are proud to deliver quality psychiatric care in a hospital setting – when and where patients need it most. If you’re interested in expanding your psychiatric services, contact us to see if Iris is the right fit for your hospital!

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In critical triage situations, effective interventions must consider a full range of both physical and psychiatric symptoms. By implementing telepsychiatry services in hospital emergency rooms, Iris Telehealth can help you ensure incoming patients receive proper upfront evaluations. This early action reduces the number of emergency holds, and helps develop treatment plans to improve patient outcomes and decrease length of stay. We can work with your team to help improve the care of individuals in YOUR emergency room!

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From the ICU to the floor

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In recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the complex relationship between mental and physical health. Stress has been shown to have a demonstrable effect on patient outcomes, and abuse and addiction issues often involve physical presentations that can put patients at risk. By making appropriate psychiatric consultation available in hospitals, telepsychiatry can improve the overall quality and effectiveness of the care you offer your patients. Let us help manage the mental health aspects of your complex admitted patients. Healthier brains make for healthier bodies!

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Empowering clinicians

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Telemedicine consultation and liaison services can take a variety of forms. Outside of their primary roles as caregivers, our staff can mediate disputes and provide expert insights about specific psychiatric problems. From providing education to improving relationships and communication among staff, Iris can help support your team of professionals!

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